By carrying out a strength calculation, we provide the "manually calculated" proof of how much a structure or a component is loaded or deformed. This method is suitable for the design and strength calculation of relatively simple components (eg machine elements, supports, etc.). The study of complex structures / components or statically indeterminate systems must then be done by finite element method (FE analysis).

For the design and calculation of prestressed bolted connections, this is also the case for testing and securing.


The following standards and regulations serve as the basis for the strength analysis and strength proofs:


EuroCode 1, EuroCode 3, EuroCode 9, DIN 18800,

FKM guideline,

DIN EN 12663, DIN EN 61373, GM / RT2100, BS 7608,

DIN EN 15085, DVS 1608, DVS 1612,

DIN 15018, DIN EN 13001, EN 13155,

VDI 2230, DIN 25201,

AS 1210, Pressure Equipment Directive, AD 2000 - Fact Sheets