Here are some completed projects through the approval of the concerned companies


Grinding device

Machine to remove Nickel

welding rotary table


Rotary table

Cam mechanism

Design of a mini lathe

Injection molding simulation

patient specific implant (Design and simulation)

construction of belt conveyor

Numerical validation of a heat exchanger incl. weld seam calculations (AD2000, EN 13445, EN 12952-53)

- Strength calculations of the assembly incl. partial simulation of the individual parts (iterations)

-Weld calculation and attachment (iterations) 

- Determination of critical points on assembly and individual parts 

- Evaluation of stresses and deformations according to standards

- calculation report for TÜV

Stent Design + FEA

Gearbox design

Special machine construction: construction + partial simulation

Automatic welding and assembling of nuts on devices

3D construction of a substrate LED press

Konstruktionsoptimierung eines Planetary lab mixer

construction of a battery test

Konstruktion + Simulation  Go-kart (intern project)

construction of a Automatic processing equipment for intersecting line

Sheet metal constructions

Strength calculation of Crane trolley

Fatigue strength calculation of a press mandrel

Construction and strength calculation of a gantry crane according to steel construction standards

Dimensioning and Strength analysis of folding engine crane

Strength analysis of an injection nozzle according to FKM and DIN EN 13445

Strength analysis of a Elastic Coupling

- Different load cases were carried out. The parameterized torque of the motor was considered. Topics such as vibrations and oscillations of the elements involved were taken into account in the calculation.

Development of a connecting element

Calculation of the strength of a chiller (Eurocode 3, DIN EN 13445) and Anchor loads

- Earthquake simulation (Parts strength + Anchor loads)

- Dead loads (Parts strength + Anchor loads)

- Operating loads (Parts strength + Anchor loads)

Investigation of the strength and dynamics of a mini lathe in operation (steel construction and mechanical engineering standards)

- Examination of all components for strength during operation

-Dimensioning of a heat exchanger with weld design according to AD 2000 and DIN EN 13445

-Screw stress calculation according to DIN 1993

constant development, design and simulation of various implants

- Heart valves (stents) or heart valve support frame

- stents and vascular prostheses

- Dental implants

- Surgical instruments

Strength calculation of a turbine with optimization of the blades

Durability and stability of a truck crane (steel construction and mechanical engineering standards)

Examination of the entire machine dynamics

Natural frequency determination with subsequent earthquake simulation (spectral available)

Examine individual machine part for its lifetime

Investigation of the impact of external influences (damage) on machine strength

Validation of weldseams by appropriate methods

Strength and fatigue calculation of a shredder

Determination of welding distortion during MAG welding of fan grille with Kukarobot

1- Measure the welding distortion during the MAG welding operation

2- Identify and secure interference factors

3- evaluation and examination of the welding speed, cooling rate etc. during the MAG welding operation

4- Execution of the FEM calculations for the numerical determination of welding distortion and comparing with test results

5- Optimization of the welding device (CAD) to compensate for distortion with the aim of improving the quality of the fan grille

Numerical qualification and validation of a heat exchanger for approval by proof of fatigue strength and earthquake proof

Validation of all welds according to Eurocode and DIN 13445

selection of screw connections according to customer requirements and according to DIN EN 1993

Numerical validation of a turbine impeller by proof of fatigue under extreme thermal conditions

Welded seam design and calculation according to Eurocode 3 and DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes (NAS) [Selection of the suitable weld seam of a nozzle]


Development, design and calculation of a maintenance platform

Design, layout and calculation of a DANLY Springs.

Optimization of bicycle test bench