Stent designs


Ischemic stroke

In an ischemic stroke (cerebral infarction) blood vessels in the brain are closed. This can happen when deposits have formed in the arterial walls or when a blood clot has become stuck.

Hemorrhagic stroke

Hemorrhagic infarction (cerebral hemorrhage) is when bleeding enters the brain tissue. This happens when the blood pressure in the arteries is too large and the vessel walls are damaged by arteriosclerosis

Stent design conception

After determining the stroke to be cured, other features are important to design the right stent. The following information plays a decisive role here:

  • For stenosis or aneurysm treatment?
  • Determine the size of the ID and OD of the stent after crimping and expansion
    • This determines the component dimensions (eg: ID and OD nitinol tube)
  • Matching Catheter Select
  • Stent material (Nitinol, Stainless steel, ...)
  • Where is the stent released? (Bifurcation, Straight Tube,.....)
  • ........
  • ...........
  • ................

Lasercut drawing preparation

you need a DXF or DWG capable CAD program.The following parameters should be taken into account when designing:


  • Avoid sharp corners
  • Comply with stent specifications
  • .....